Before Graduating from School

Your Vocational Training at GF Casting Solutions

Perhaps what we do here at GF Casting Solutions is rather unfamiliar territory for you? You may be wondering what exactly is iron sand casting, aluminum- & magnesium high-pressure die-casting and lightweight parts for vehicles. What jobs are available in a foundry company like this? Would you even be interested in this field? We welcome any questions that you may have! All our vocational trainings are only available in German.

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All our vocational trainings are only available in german.


All our vocational trainings are only available in german.


All our vocational trainings in Switzerland you find here:

You can find a list of the professions that you can study with us above, sorted by country. Just one click will provide you with more information about each individual profession, sometimes including videos and short testimonials from teenagers and young adults who have been on these vocational training programs with us. Under the "Downloads" heading to the right, you can download our training leaflet along with the site flyer with contact information for the right people for your application or questions. Our Facebook page Young Career, which is especially for young people who have just started their career, always provides the latest information. Go and take a look!

At GF Casting Solutions, we are fascinated by metal — it amazes us how metal can be poured at extremely high temperatures as a white-hot liquid and how this heavy mass then cools to form light, delicate and technically perfect parts that can be fitted in a Porsche, Mercedes, Audi or BMW vehicle to ensure that less fuel is consumed because the car weighs less. We manufacturer the latest top-of-the-range technology using the oldest materials in the world for the future of mankind, and we would be delighted for you to join us and make sparks fly!