GF cAR puts lightweight solutions of GF Casting Solutions in the limelight

Jan 15, 2018 3:00 PM

In addition to print media and the web site, which both help to keep customers, employees and partners updated about our products and innovations, the brand new augmented reality app is taking root as an important companion.

GF_weiß [Konvertiert]

It is all about the marker


The app mainly focuses on the innovative casted components that are embedded into a digital car with a futuristic design. The so-called marker functions as an indicator for the projection of the virtual car into the real environment. The user zooms in by getting closer to the marker, until the inner workings of the virtual car are projected on the screen of the mobile device. By clicking on one of the components, the user gets further details like for example weight reduction, material, functional integration and simulation.

More than ever, the app makes the product portfolio of GF Casting Solutions perceptible. The solutions and the content will be updated on a regular basis.

Download GF cAR:

iOS AppStore
Google PlayStore