Expertise in Casting and Lightweight Design



International division of the publicly traded company Georg Fischer AG


Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Core Business

Development, production, and processing of heavy-duty lightweight parts in iron sandcasting, aluminum and magnesium high-pressure die-casting, precision casting, and additive manufacturing for a variety of applications in multiple different industries.


13 production sites in Europe, USA and Asia, manufacturing partnerships in North America and Japan, two Research and Development centers in Switzerland and China

Market Position

World's leading supplier of iron and lightmetal casting solutions for light vehicles, commercial vehicles, and a variety of industrial applications - demonstrably a top performer in delivery quality and delivery reliability

Specialist Knowledge

Proven expertise in casting processes (sandcasting, die casting, precision casting and additive manufacturing) and multiple materials that are relevant in (large-scale) serial production

Development and Validation Expertise

  • In-house material and process development
  • Product development with the support of the latest computerized simulation
  • Creation of prototypes under serial production conditions
  • Accredited testing institute for verification of computerized simulations on real cast components

In-House Developments

  • Highly heat-resistant cast iron material SiMo1000
  • Heavy-duty cast iron material SiboDur
  • Cast aluminum material AluSiDur for aluminum in new capacities
  • Analytical methods for obtaining optimal material parameters for components
  • Low pressure sand casting process LamiCast
  • Composite casting with iron and lightweight metal materials
  • Welding of cast iron

Responsibility (CSR)

Pro-active measures for environmental protection, sustainable production


Approximately 4'400 employees worldwide

Sales 2018

CHF 1'687 million

Organization Chart

The organization chart reflects its organization as an internationally active corporate group with several plants at home and abroad.

The management of the individual plants reports to the respective division management and the latter to Carlos Vasto, the Head of GF Casting Solutions. The departments Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Purchasing, Research and Development as well as Finances and Controlling also report to him.