Our Contribution: 100% Recycling and Weight Reduction

When it comes to sustainability, casting is very advanced. Our cast components are made from 100 percent recycled material and they can even be 100 percent recycled again — a completely closed cycle.

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We Rely on Resource-Conserving Raw Materials

The "raw materials" for our cast components are scrap iron, secondary aluminum, and recycled magnesium. Every year we process around 600,000 tons of these recycled materials into 100 million components. These immense quantities of metal remain in the production cycle even after their useful life as a vehicle part. Railroad tracks are made from pivot bearings, balcony supports from gearboxes, and wind turbines from body panels. Our materials achieve optimum recyclability.

Lightweight Design Reduces the CO2 Emissions Worldwide

Recycled materials are one side of the sustainability medal, lightweight design, and thus weight reduction in the chassis, powertrain, and body, are the other. For this, we use a proper reduction cascade: any weight reduction in one component leads to weight reduction of the entire vehicle. In turn, a lighter car uses less fuel. If less fuel is consumed, there are lower CO2 emissions. Lightweight design therefore significantly influences environmental protection: for example, if components are only 2.82 kg lighter per vehicle, approximately 11,600 fewer tons of CO2 are emitted annually around the world.

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