Work safety first

GF Casting Solutions counts on Zero Risk


The number of accidents at work at GF could be drastically reduced during the last years. Surely, the work safety initiative “Zero Risk” of GF Casting Solutions is largely responsible for the positive results. The program is implemented in multiple steps – currently in phase 2.

Especially for manufacturing companies such as GF Casting Solutions, work safety is a topic with very high priority. Our vision: We want every employee to come home safely every day!

Zero Risk

In the foundries, heavy machinery and robots get the liquid metal into the desired shape. Therefore, we apply the highest safety standards. But to avoid accidents during the day-to-day business, we need more effort than modern technology and strict rules: we need a strong awareness for the risks at the work place. This is the focus of the zero risk initiative since the end of 2015: with videos, posters, stickers and individually organized action days at every GF Casting Solutions location.

20 % less accidents

Solid results since its inception: During the first phase of the multilevel program (2016), GF Casting Solutions achieved to reduce the number of accident by 20%.

The zero risk vision of 0 accidents and the call for never taking any risks at work again are both perfectly compliant with the 2020 sustainability goals of the Georg Fischer Corporation. Until the end of 2020, the number of severe accidents on the workplace should decrease to zero and the accident rate in each division should be reduced by at least 20%. An important milestone on this journey was the certification of all production sites according to the work safety management system OHSAS 1801. Thus, the whole GF family is on its way to a zero risk culture.