Lightweight Design

Simulations Shorten the Development Period

Computer simulations are of great importance for us in every phase of the component development. This is because with virtual testing and analysis, we get faster results and, on top of that, we reduce the cost of real test runs.

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Virtual Tests Are the Key to Successful Lightweight Design

We run through lots of parameters before we actually manufacture our lightweight parts. Using computer simulations, we determine component dimensions, visualize shapes, anticipate noises and vibrations, imitate casting behavior, and calculate the life expectancy of lightweight parts in advance.

Our simulations are based on carefully measured data on the material and the process. This means that we can plan, test, and optimize potential functional integration using the computer, even in the design phase. However, composite designs with different materials (e.g. iron and aluminum) can also be simulated in this way in advance, as well as the exact coordination of material and casting process.

Bionics Is the Ingenious Principle for Weight Reduction

We transfer the design principles from nature to our lightweight cast components for the chassis, powertrain and body. In doing so, we reduce material from anywhere it plays no significant role. This is because in the casting, we have the ability to vary wall thicknesses depending on local requirements. The result is hollow or particularly thin-walled components that have even better strength than heavier parts.

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