GF and Rinspeed

How might the cars of tomorrow look like?

When it comes to the car visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht, they have their own garden behind the windshield, a home cinema equipment, their own drone in their luggage and an extendable telescopic camera on the roof.

These are the most striking features of the latest concept cars from Rinspeed. Since already 1979, Rinderknecht has been designing conceptual vehicle concepts in his think tank, allowing a glance into the future of mobility. And since 2013, we are helping to realize these visions. In close co-operation with Rinspeed, we design and produce light-weight components of today for the cars of tomorrow. Each of the futuristic vehicles, which have been launched since 2013, has an innovative lightweight construction made by us:

Rinspeed SNAP 2018

This year’s lightweight solution by GF Casting Solutions for the SNAP forms the support structure between the chassis and the pod and was designed as a light but stiff lightweight structure. During the development, the linkage between bionic design and light metal was in the focus, which guarantees maximum strength at minimum weight. The construction also shows the connection between the specific function of the component and its creative implementation – design follows function.

Rinspeed Oasis 2017


Surely, the eye-catcher of the electrical compact car “Oasis” is the small garden, right behind the windscreen. Frank M. Rinderknecht calls this “Mobile Urban Gardening”. When the gardening is finally done, and you decide to watch a relaxing movie, the seat slides into a resting position, where you can enjoy the film. The bionic seat support was developed by GF Casting Solutions and ensures stability in every situation.


Rinspeed Σtos 2016


The hybrid sportscar Σtos also has one part from us inside. The highlight of the vehicle, which is based on the BMW i8, is certainly the drone with landing platform in the rear. It serves as a flying eye during the ride; the gathered information pop up on the two extendible 21,5”-Screens. The displays are being hold in place by an aluminum display carrier, developed by GF Casting Solutions, which smoothly fits into the interior space of the concept car.


Rinspeed Budii 2015


The concept car named „Budii“ is based on the BMW i3 and concentrates purely on the interaction between man and machine. Its highlight: an extendable telescope camera, with which the occupants can constantly keep an eye on the surroundings. Its center: a big touchscreen between driver and front passenger. The aluminum-lightweight-frame, which holds the central control- and display-element in place: “made by GF Casting Solutions”.


Rinspeed XchangE 2014


Fully automatic is the concept of the vehicle named „XchangE“ – an autonomous driving touring saloon, based on the Tesla S. The movable steering-wheel-carrier was casted in aluminum by GF Casting Solutions and guarantees, that the steering wheel can be moved between driver and front-passenger. If the car is driving autonomous, the steering-wheel is placed in the middle, so that the passengers have enough space to enjoy the installed home theater system.