GF Linamar celebrates Manufacturing Day 2018

Oct 15, 2018 10:00 AM

On Friday, 5 October 2018, GF Linamar had the chance to host the 2018 Manufacturing Day, an annual event that brings together students, educators, manufacturing employers and workforce partners from five counties in Western North Carolina.

Manufacturing Days GF Linamar_Veranstaltung_2018 (36)From left to right: Larry Blunt, Frank Klooss, Brittany Brady, Dr. Laura Leatherwood, Chris English

“It is the people who will define the success of the industry”

The purpose of the event is to highlight the impact of advanced manufacturing on the local economy. With 20,000+ jobs and over $1 billion in direct annual wages, it is very important to increase the awareness of the available career opportunities to promote manufacturing and allow the industry to grow. 

In addition to the formal event featuring interactive offerings and inspiring speeches, the participants had the chance to network with other educators and tour various manufacturing locations in in the area. Events like MFG Day 2018 show the correlation between courses taught in schools and their relevance for a student’s future career highlighting the significance of manufacturing. An industry that thrives human development but also requires skills, knowledge, discipline and technology from its manufacturers. As Frank Klooss, GF Linamar General Manager, expressed in his speech: “Let’s all join together to be a part of this dynamic, challenging, and fulfilling industry. Remember, it is the people who will define the success of the industry”.

By providing innovative ready-to-mount casting solutions in Aluminum and Magnesium, the joint venture GF Linamar strengthens the supply chain of car manufacturers in the US. With state of the art technology and the knowledge of its two strong parent companies, GF Linamar wants to challenge every employee in the sector to embrace careers in production in this quickly changing environment.