GF Linamar wins “Safety Gold Award” for year 2017

Jul 12, 2018 9:00 AM

Great achievements in work safety during construction and start of production: GF Linamar receives Safety Award from the North Carolina Department of Labor.

Bild Awardfrom left to right: Zackary Welch (EHS Manager), Cherrie Berrie (NC Commissioner of Labor), Terry O’Connor (Kiwi-Newton Construction), Gino Pasquarosa (EHS Coordinator).

On 26 June 2018, GF Linamar was awarded the Gold Award for 2017. The North Carolina Department of Labor annually honors companies which meet their safety requirements. The program is designed to stimulate interest in accident prevention and to promote safety in the workplace by providing an incentive to employers and employees to maintain a safe and healthful workplace. Since 1946, the North Carolina Department of Labor annually honors companies, today the program extends to more than 5,000 companies and about 3,000 awards annually. A company has to have no fatalities at the site or locations during the entire year for which the award was given. Another criteria is maintaining an incidence rate at least 50% below the average for its particular industry group. 

Work Safety at GF Linamar

“See Something, Say Something, Do Something” 

Safety at work is one of the top priorities at GF Linamar, as there are two parent companies, Georg Fischer and Linamar that both take safety and employee health very seriously. The onsite management around Frank Klooss, General Manager of GF Linamar, is very committed to the safety of all employees on a daily basis. Already during the construction phase in June 2017, the EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) department was established. One measure of this department was to give the employees the power to “See Something, Say Something, Do Something”: Everyone has the power to help protect each other and also report to EHS that something can be done to prevent issues for the future. The GF program “Zero Risk” will be introduced during the next years to decrease accident risks at work during the continued launch and production. GF Linamar will also work to solidify the dedication to work place safety by pursuing the ISO 45000 certification in year 2019-2020.

GF Linamar works on safety issues everyday: A safety-newsletter is published for all employees weekly, as well as a bi-weekly safety meeting for all employees is held during shift changes.