Facts & Figures

Our Challenges

Nowadays, companies like ours face the challenges of not only meeting our customers' expectations, but also those of government authorities. We, too, want to do our part to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement; we, too, want to successfully pass our customers' audits; and we, too, want to show what sustainability means at GF Casting Solutions.

We put our focus on sustainability in three different areas and do our absolute best to achieve maximum success in each one. Through lightweight solutions, we reduce pressure on the environment and energy use, while offering secure workplaces in both health and economic terms.

For these reasons, we repeatedly set new goals, work as a company to meet them and strive to continuously improve.

Our Sustainability Goals

Increase energy efficiency by 10%

Reduce CO2 emissions by 10%

Reduce the accident rate by 20%

Offer our customers CO2-efficient and safe products

Be an attractive employer for our employees 

Cut the share of non-recyclable waste by 10%

Focus, Projects and Initiatives

Rainwater collection for reduction of clean water usage in HPDC

Clean water is a limited natural resource. GF Linamar’s rainwater collection system enables the facility to reuse rainwater for cooling circuits in High-Pressure Die-Casting production process and reduce the demand of domestic water usage. Read how it works.

Reducing Costs and environmental Impact through Innovation

How GF Casting Solutions uses Artificial Intelligence to optimize parameters and accelerate ramp-ups in the manufacturing processes.

Modular Battery Housing

The modular battery housing demonstrates how castings support the transformation of mobility: by offering creativity, flexibility and know-how. Learn in this article which steps we follow to develop a safe housing for batteries in all sizes needed.

Lightweight Solutions

Our cast components contribute to weight reduction in the vehicle chassis, drive train, body and other components, which positively influences the weight of the entire vehicle. Thanks to significant weight reduction, the vehicle's fuel consumption is cut considerably, and CO2 emissions are reduced.

Work Safety

Zero Risk is our global initiative for work safety. At GF Casting Solutions, the topic of work safety has the highest priority and already starts during initial training.

Health Management

With a variety of health promotion offerings at our locations and regular consultations, we keep in touch and try our best to meet the needs of each employee.