We are more than 200 years old but not covered in dust. Our technologies have evolved together with us. Today, we focus on high-pressure die casting, precision casting,iron casting, 3D printing and tooling as our core manufacturing technologies.

Sounds complicated? 

During your last holidays, we made sure that you arrive safely at your destination. Our complex and reliable parts are mounted in almost every car, large aircraft engines, satellites, ship engines and many more.

We love to work together and walk new ways. Do you share our passion?

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We are looking for new challenges and innovative solutions. Therefore, we entrust responsibility to each and every one and work hand in hand.


Robots, casting machines, tooling, welding, 3D printing - our technologies are diverse and our apprenticeships a core element for creating the future together.


As a team we multiply our strengths. We complement each other with more than 10 different apprenticeship programs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


Soccer tournaments, competitions, trips, trainings, health programs - everyone can grow with us. Professionally and personally.


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"With Zero Risk Youngsters, we want to further increase the appreciation and sustainability of the idea of safety not only among apprentices." Lukas Dopler, Head of Apprenticeship Training Herzogenburg