Cross Car Beam

Development & Production

In close collaboration with the customer, GF supported the development phase for the Magnesium die casting component as well as the underlying tool technology. The final serial component has many great advantages: The magnesium alloy makes it a strong but lightweight product, which also integrates functions and attachment points to other surrounding parts. During product and process development, special efforts have been put into rigidity requirements as well as extremely tight manufacturing tolerances. For short and secure delivery processes, the component is produced in Austria for the European market.

Challenges & Special Features

The GF cross car beam is a central support structure within the vehicle’s cockpit and is mounted together with three more die casting components, which are either made of magnesium or aluminum alloys. The cross car beam needs to meet rigidity requirements set by the car manufacturer. In addition, it needs to fit perfectly into the surrounding component groups and match with the connection points to add-on parts. Therefore, the complex mounting needs to be kept in mind right from the beginning of the development cycle.

“On the one hand, the functional requirements of the cross car beam have to be fulfilled, on the other hand, a component as light as possible with many integrated functions has to be created. The high-pressure die casting process suits perfectly for this."

Dominik Mahnig

Head of Product Development


  • Many functions integrated into cast part, e.g. small integrated space for head-up-display
  • Lightweight structural component: Assembly weight incl. two cast brackets in Aluminum and screws: 4.27 kg


Daimler / Mercedes Benz
Daimler / Mercedes Benz
Vehicle   S-Class
Process Magnesium
high-pressure die-casting
Material MgAl5Mn
Weight 3.9 kg
Value Chain Casting, trimming, assembling, machining

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