Cross Car Beam

Challenges & Special Features

The GF cross car beam is a central support structure within the vehicle’s cockpit and is mounted together with three more die casting components, which are either made of magnesium or aluminum alloys. The cross car beam needs to meet rigidity requirements set by the car manufacturer. In addition, it needs to fit perfectly into the surrounding component groups and match with the connection points to add-on parts. Therefore, the complex mounting needs to be kept in mind right from the beginning of the development cycle.

European Die Casting Award 2022

The GF cross car beam of the S-Class was awarded first prize in the Magnesium category of the European Die Casting Award 2022. Click here to learn more.

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  • Many functions integrated into cast part, e.g. small integrated space for head-up-display
  • Lightweight structural component: Assembly weight incl. two cast brackets in Aluminum and screws: 4.27 kg


Daimler / Mercedes Benz
Daimler / Mercedes Benz
Vehicle   S-Class
Process Magnesium
high-pressure die-casting
Material MgAl5Mn
Weight 3.9 kg
Value Chain Casting, trimming, assembling, machining