E-Engine Housing

Challenges & Special Features

For the e-engine housing, it is absolutely mandatory that the whole module is leakage-free. Furthermore, the different assembly steps for the seal rings require absolute precision from machines and workers to avoid damages. Besides the assembly, also the machining of the e-engine housing. Due to the required precision of the stator fit within the bearing bush, new tool concepts have been developed to allow the combined machining of aluminum to steel.


  • Agile design optimization process in close collaboration with customer
  • Verified leak-proof solution (leakage rate below 0.5 %)


Customer Audi
Vehicle Audi Q6 e-tron
Process Aluminum high-pressure die-casting
Material AlSi10Mg(Fe) 
Weight 8.7 kg
Value Chain Casting, trimming, machining, leakage testing