E-Engine Housing

Development & Production

The e-engine of the Audi Q6 e-tron is the first e-engine developed by Audi itself. But not only for Audi, also for GF Casting Solutions, as supplier of the belonging housing, the production, machining and assembly of a whole e-engine module has been a premiere. GF Casting Solutions supplies the pre-assembled component including several purchased parts ready-to-mount from its machining site in Werdohl, Germany, to Audi Györ, Hungary. The special challenge of the part assembly is the integration of several assembly applications like inductive joining, gluing, screwing and the assembly of different seal rings. At the end of the assembly, the whole module has to pass a leakage test in order to meet the high part requirements.

Challenges & Special Features

For the e-engine housing, it is absolutely mandatory that the whole module is leakage-free. Furthermore, the different assembly steps for the seal rings require absolute precision from machines and workers to avoid damages. Besides the assembly, also the machining of the e-engine housing. Due to the required precision of the stator fit within the bearing bush, new tool concepts have been developed to allow the combined machining of aluminum to steel.


  • Agile design optimization process in close collaboration with customer
  • Verified leak-proof solution (leakage rate below 0.5 %)


Customer Audi
Vehicle Audi Q6 e-tron
Process Aluminum high-pressure die-casting
Material AlSi10Mg(Fe) 
Weight 8.7 kg
Value Chain Casting, trimming, machining, leakage testing