Finisher Passenger Side

Challenges & Special Features

The finisher passenger side is mounted directly in front of the driver and passenger and ultimately gets part of the vehicle’s driving experience. It has a special meaning to GF: it is the first component ever, which is visible in the vehicle's interior. To ensure that the part has a smooth surface finish, free from any cracking or impurities, GF works very precisely and ensures optimal workflows. The component integrates many connection points to its surroundings, such as airbags, nagivation display, or the globe compartment, which ultimately saves time, material, labor, and energy for the installation.

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  • Lightweight component weighing only 1.1 kg
  • First visible magnesium interior part produced by GF Casting Solutions


Jaguar Land Rover
Customer Jaguar Land Rover
Vehicle  Defender
Process Magnesium high-pressure die-casting
Material  MgAl6Mn
Weight 1.1 kg 
Value Chain Casting, trimming, powder coating