Material Development

Our Casting Materials Allow Lighter Components

We develop alloys which set new standards in lightweight design. In the search for optimal material properties, our research engineers consistently maximize the specific properties of iron, aluminum, and magnesium.


Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Material SiboDur

With SiboDur we have developed a high-strength ductile iron material for the automotive industry. Adding silicon and boron (Sibo) make it stronger and more durable (Dur) than normal ductile iron material.

The five variants SiboDur 450-17 HD to SiboDur 800-5 have high to maximum strength and high to very high ductility. We use the highly deformable SiboDur 450-17 HD for crash-relevant components. With the highest strength, SiboDur 800-5 is used for crankshafts, connecting rods, and pistons.

Interestingly enough for our customers: SiboDur is more cost-effective than steel.  

Heat-Resistant Cast Iron Material SiMo1000

Our cast iron material SiMo1000 can withstand temperatures of up to 945°C with excellent scaling properties. This allows us to develop new dimensions in ductile iron. Due to its extremely high resistance, we use the material in areas subject to extreme heat, for example, for the exhaust manifold and turbocharger housing.

When casting with SiMo1000, our customers also benefit from cost advantages compared with forged components or other manufacturing processes. SiMo1000 is also more cost-effective than steel and welded structures or steel sheets.

Cast Aluminum Material AluSiDur for New Applications

AluSiDur is our latest material development. It allows aluminum to be used in new functions. We always pay attention to the functional integration. With a single casting, for example, we can replace 10 steel sheet parts. In addition, a casting is up to 40 percent lighter than sheet metal.

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