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Prototyping with 3D-printed sand cores

These steps are important, before we can start with the printing process:

1. Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Casting optimization of components // Design adaptation of components // Finding the optimal manufacturing process for prototyping and volume production

2. Magma simulation

Casting simulation: no production of scrap // Proprietary material database for accurate determination of all cooling situations in printed and molded sand

3. Data preparation for the 3D-printing process

Job box setup // Maximization of box utilization through cost-efficient and sustainable production

Sand 3D printing and iron casting

In these steps, a prototype or a serial product is created:

3D printing

Printing (production in cold-hardening phenolic resin) // Unpacking the printing box

Iron casting

Insertion of the printing form at the molding machine // Mold assembly (near-series casting and feeder systems) // Finishing of the components // Casting of the mold

Machining in iron casting

After these 5 process steps, prototypes and series products are ready for installation:

  • Blasting of the components
  • Cleaning of components (use of cleaning robots for serial production - automation)
  • Quality testing (offering all common tests: saw testing, dye penetrant testing, ultrasonic testing, FOM, magnetic crack testing, etc.)
  • Undercoating (According to customer's request)
  • Shipping

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Machine-molded iron cast components for commercial vehicles and the off-highway segment including construction equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, regenerative energy, engine technology and general engineering.