Our headquarter is home to many different central departments of our GF Casting Solutions division.

Our headquarter departments are located in Schaffhausen (Switzerland). In all central functions, we take care of central topics and projects and collaborate very closely together with our locations worldwide.

GF Casting Solutions is a technologically pioneering development partner and manufacturer of cast & additive components for the global automotive industry, aerospace and energy markets, off-highway vehicles as well as for industrial applications. GF Casting Solutions is recognized for its development & production competence in aluminum & magnesium, iron and super alloys.

Facts & figures

Headquarter departments

Divisional Management, Planning & Controlling

Offices located in Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

value-bar-icon-gear2 Research and Development

Offices located in Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

lupe Business Development

Offices located in Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

megaphon Marketing and Communications

Offices located in Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

hr Divisional Human Resources

Offices located in Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

value-bar-icon-6 Central Sales

Offices located in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) and Munich (Germany)

wolke Central IT

Offices located in Singen (Germany)

Central Procurement

Offices located in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) and Singen (Germany)

Your future

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Your apprenticeship at GF Casting Solutions

Apprenticeship program Wibilea (Schaffhausen)

Wibilea is the training centre in Schaffhausen for professions in the electrical and mechanical engineering industries. Wibilea is a competent partner in vocational training through its cooperation with various training associations and partner companies.

Prospective designers, polymechanics, merchants, mediamatics and IT specialists have the opportunity to get to know our division during their training at Georg Fischer in cooperation with GF Piping Systems.

Apply now for an apprenticeship at Wibilea!

Apprenticeship program IT (Singen)


GF Casting Solutions is always looking for bright minds who share our passion for complex tasks. Join our team if you are looking for an apprenticeship as an IT specialist (3 years) at the vocational school Konstanz or a dual degree in business informatics at the EH Ravensburg.

Apply online or send us your initiative application!


Nora Vetter

HR Generalist

GF Casting Solutions AG

Amsler-Laffon-Strasse 9

8201 Schaffhausen


We have passion for...



Mobility and industry are developing fast. We shape it together with our strong team, excitement and aspiration.


With modern equipment, we provide state-of-the-art production technologies. Standstill is not an option as optimization is our program.


We work on an equal footing in a positive working atmosphere and we celebrate our successes together.


With our workplace health program, we take care of our employees: from workouts over homeoffice up to anonymous personal consulting.