High-quality lightmetal solutions: From the inhouse development over the tooling and stable high-pressure die-casting process up to machining and assembly.

We offer high-quality lightmetal solutions for cars and industrial applications.

Inaugurated in 2005, GF Casting Solutions Suzhou Co. Ltd. is one of two production locations of GF Casting Solutions in China. The core activities are the production, machining and assembly of aluminum and magnesium lightweight solutions with the high-pressure die-casting process. In addition to the foundry, an in-house tooling technology and manufacturing center and an in-house Research and Development department for Asia are located in Suzhou allowing high-level customer support and stable production processes. Our customers are international car manufacturers and specialists in industrial engineering.

Highly efficient aluminum and magnesium castings

Our production site counts 24 units with modern die-casting machines with closing forces from 1,650 tons to 2,800 tons. With this equipment, we are delivering millions of parts per year - structural parts, engine components and castings for industrial applications.

Key products

Our markets

Light Vehicles

Light vehicles

CO2 reduction in the automotive industry is challenging. With know-how and 200 years of production excellence, GF Casting Solutions' lightweight solutions reduce weight and integrate more functions.

Industrial Applications

Industrial applications

Our lightweight parts are used in industrial applications as well as in durable consumer goods, escalator steps or lighting housings. The high design freedom of casting leaves almost no limits to smart and functional parts.

Research and Development fields

R&D Asia: Long-standing expertise

In addition to the central Research and Development department of GF Casting Solutions in Schaffhausen, we have our own in-house R&D center in China taking care of all customer projects and components manufactured in Suzhou and Kunshan.

Our R&D offering in China at a glance:

  • Product development: bionic and lightweight design
  • FEA and casting simulations
  • Mold development
  • Material development
  • 3D printer, 3D scanner
  • Fast prototyping
  • Bench test

GF Casting Solutions opens tooling technology and manufacturing center in Suzhou (China)