Research and Development

With the central Research and Development team, GF Casting Solutions provides an outstanding know-how and experience in lightweight design and process optimization for highly complex castings.

Your solution provider and pioneer in lightweight design



We are ready to support you during the early design stages as well as during serial production:

  • Development of optimized materials, processes and follow-up treatments
  • Expertise in stable casting processes
  • Product design development for cast solutions
  • Lightweight design optimization based on bionic principles
  • Reliable testing of prototypes and serial products

Find more about our comprehensive R&D service offer:

Graphic Research and Development Team GF Casting Solutions

Our development teams

Material and process development

Product development

Process development

We continuously optimize our processes for all our manufacturing technologies. In all our foundries worldwide, we focus on high quality standards and process stability: with the latest production lines and decades of experience.


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Accredited testing and validation

Accredited safety without compromises

Our components offer the safety, quality, and function expected by our customers and by ourselves. In our accredited testing laboratory, we validate solutions and guarantee the high quality of our serial products.

Faster development thanks to validation

With state-of-the-art testing methods we test materials, entire components or required functions during the development phase and evaluate the processes. As a result, development loops between prototyping and serial production can be reduced: optimizing the costs as well as the time frame.

Our R&D lab offers a wide range of accredited testing methods:

  • Static tests
  • Multi-channel dynamic bench tests with up to four channels
  • Impact tests
  • Verification of numerical simulation and validation
  • Measuring (strain gauge, GOM etc.)
  • Prototyping

In addition to the testing of our GF Casting Solutions components, we also validate external products. Get in touch with us!

Central R&D locations


Our central Research and Development department is located at our Division headquarter in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Learn more about the GF Casting Solutions headquarter location:


Our Research and Development team for Asia is located in Suzhou, China and supports with long-standing know-how for our production locations in China. 

Learn more about our R&D projects

Modular battery tray concept

Integrated battery cooling systems and crash-resistant structures: With this modular battery tray concept, our Research and Development department in Schaffhausen shows that large-scale battery housing solutions for battery electric vehicle applications can be manufactured with existing high-pressure die casting technology. Thanks to modularity the size is flexible: aluminum or magnesium modules can be added or removed.

Aiways and GF - Taking the fast lane

Electric car manufacturers in China need suppliers with strong Research & Development capabilities and great operational efficiency. GF Casting Solutions has both. Through its successful partnership with emerging carmaker Aiways, the division demonstrated that a global company can be a great partner for a startup in the Chinese market.

Cross car beam

Reducing weight and optimizing functionality: the light magnesium component conquers the cockpit offering many integrated functions!


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