About us

GF in Novazzano is a precision casting specialist and advanced technology provider in the area of high temperature resistant engines and turbines and manufacturer of cast components made of superalloys for the global aerospace and industrial gas turbine market as well as a variety of industrial applications.

We mainly focus on advanced technology for structural cast parts and airfoils to the aircraft engine - and the industrial gas turbine industry. 

Facts & figures

Our Key products

Consulting and planning

A full team of engineers and specialists such as metallurgists, mechanical engineers, quality engineers, process specialists, project managers are collaborating with our customers in order to optimize part design from the early development stage on.


High-performance ceramic granulate feedstocks for Hi Silica or Silica Zircon core types with different particle size distribution and excellent high temperature stability. We produce both serpentine cores for blades and vanes and solid cores for big structural parts.

Precision casting

Industrial manufacturing technology based on the so called lost-wax process used in the aerospace and energy industry to produce turbine blades and structural parts with complex shapes and cooling systems. Preferred alloys depend on the application: Superalloys, high strength steel or nickel respectively cobalt based alloys.

Post processing and quality

Several quality inspection steps are performed throughout the development and manufacturing process, in order to continuously improve our processes.


Single crystal

Directionally solified

Special process approvals

Our production processes are fully certified for the aerospace and energy market:

  • Nadcap heat treating
  • Nadcap welding
  • Nadcap non-destructive testing
  • ISO 14001
  • Quality assurance AS 9100 certificate


The aerospace industry is geared towards eco-efficiency and alternative powertrain concepts. The reduction of fuel consumption, noise and NOX are the key challenges – especially for aircraft engine manufacturers. With our highly-stressable precision casting solutions as well as lightweighting through additive manufacturing, we are a reliable partner in the development of new engines. Our fully certified value chain makes us and reliable partner to our customers.



The energy demand is rising worldwide, while decarbonization is a key challenge of the industry. We provide solutions for industrial gas turbines as well as renewable energy solutions and help our customers providing a cleaner energy supply tomorrow.

We have passion for...


Mobility and industry are developing fast. We shape it together with our strong team, excitement and aspiration.


With modern equipment, we provide state-of-the-art production technologies. Standstill is not an option as optimization is our program.


We work on an equal footing in a positive working atmosphere and we celebrate our successes together.


With our workplace health program, we take care of our employees: from workouts over homeoffice up to anonymous personal consulting.