We at GF make sure our employees have varied workdays to ensure their well-being over the long term. With a variety of health offerings at our locations and regular employee surveys, we talk to each other, promote health and strengthen our company community. Whether fruit promotions, soccer tournaments, Pilates at noon or employee consultation – each location has individual offerings that are oriented on the jobs there.

Our offerings around the world

Illness prevention at the Herzogenburg site (Austria)
GF Casting Solutions_Health Management_Herzogenburg

The Herzogenburg site offers its employees a varied mix of active programs and informative health circles.

For physical fitness, there are various sports group that meet to run, walk or play soccer, for example. Fruit and vaccination promotions and employee consultations are additional health measures that the Herzogenburg location organizes. 

Employee consultation in Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

Employee consultation at Georg Fischer in Schaffhausen supports employees on issues of protection and personal integrity. The employee consulting team advises and helps with personal and financial issues as well as on questions about child care, tension at the workplace, sexual harassment, drug and addiction problems, upcoming retirement and many other issues. For GF employees, consultation is free, voluntary and strictly confidential. 

Back problem prevention at the Leipzig site (Germany)

At the Leipzig site, employees learn in courses, workshops and individual back examinations how important daily movement patterns are for health.

Sports offerings in Kunshan and Suzhou (China)

The annual sports tournament invites all employees at the Suzhou and Kunshan sites to engage in sports and strengthen team spirit. Offerings include badminton parties, table tennis tournaments as well as other activities, such as bicycling or fishing. 

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