Machine-molded iron cast components for commercial vehicles and the off-highway segment including construction equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, regenerative energy, engine technology and general engineering.

Facts & figures

Since 1995, GF Casting Solutions runs the foundry that is home to Europe’s largest moulding box for machine-moulded iron castings. However, the foundry was founded in 1887 as Meier & Weichelt company. Nowadays, there are about 255 employees producing large and heavy castings components with a production capacity of 60,000 tons/ year.


Our technologies

Casting is diverse. High degree of design freedom, material know-how or diversity in geometries: the right material selection, combined with the optimal design and the appropriate manufacturing process, leads to the best results.

Ductile casting

- For special requirements
- On request
- Also for standard materials


- Dip primer
- Fully automated system
- Solvent-free and water-based


Special applications

We substitute components that are forged, joined or cast and made of steel. Therefore, we do not only optimize the component's characteristics, but also the component's weight.

Cast-in parts

- Less expenses for machining
- Connection with  component
- No costs for additional cleaning

Compound casting

Manufacturing of multicomponent mixtures with different characteristics in one component


With CMM, non-destructive measurement processes and chemical analysis we make sure, that our components fit every quality standards.

Three coordinate measuring

Non-destructive testing

Chemical analysis

Our market segments

We create solutions for off-high way vehicles such as construction equipment, agricultural and forestrical equipment, commercial vehicles (busses, trucks), the energy sector (wind mills and solar parks) and industrial applications


- Construction equipment
- Agricultural equipment
- Forest equipment


- Regenerative energies
  (windmills, solar parks)


Your future

At GF Casting Solutions we are fascinated by metal. To pour it and to form precise high-tech parts is our daily challenge. We would be glad, if the spark jumps on you too.

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Your apprenticeship at GF Casting Solutions

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