We offer precise and certified post processing for complex precision casting solutions for the aerospace and energy market segments.

We are your expert for post processing of precision casting solutions

At our site in Arad, we offer highly complex machining and finishing processes for aerospace and energy casting solutions. With 150 employees, we are a strong team focusing on reliable processes.

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High-class equipment for the aerospace and IGT market

At our GF location in Arad (RO), we work with high-level equipment and according to highest quality and work safety standards. Our equipment and cabins are all equipped with modern dust aspiration systems.

For the highest quality and precision of our products, we are equipped with electrostatic and immersion lines, UV light control cabins, radiogenic tubes, vacuum furnaces and many more control and measurement devices. We offer highly complex grinding, sandblasting, non-destructive testing, welding, heat treatment, straightening, 2D and 3D control processes for jet engine industrial gas turbine components.

Our markets


The aerospace industry is geared towards eco-efficiency and alternative powertrain concepts. The reduction of fuel consumption, noise and NOX are the key challenges – especially for aircraft engine manufacturers. With our highly-stressable precision casting solutions as well as lightweighting through additive manufacturing, we are a reliable partner in the development of new engines. Our fully certified value chain makes us and reliable partner to our customers.


The energy demand is rising, while decarbonization is a challenge. GF Casting Solutions provides solutions for industrial gas turbines and renewable energy solutions, granting a cleaner energy supply.

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