Our Zero Risk work safety initiative

At a manufacturing industrial company such as GF Casting Solutions, work safety is a top priority.

Where hot metal, heavy machinery, robots and delicate raw materials are used, the highest safety standards apply. But to ensure that everyday life remains accident-free, we need clear rules, modern technology and a strong awareness of workplace risks. Our "Zero Risk" initiative therefore focuses on sustainable prevention with the help of videos, posters, stickers and individually planned action days for each location.

20 % less accidents

The result is impressive: In the first phase of the multi-stage program (start 2016), GF Casting Solutions was able to reduce its accident figures by 20 percent. The second stage is in the hot phase and phase 3 will soon be launched, focusing on long-term behavioral change.

The zero risk vision of 0 accidents and the call for never taking any risks at work again are both perfectly compliant with the 2020 sustainability goals of the Georg Fischer Corporation. Until the end of 2020, the number of severe accidents on the workplace should decrease to zero and the accident rate in each division should be reduced by at least 20%. An important milestone on this journey was the certification of all production sites according to the work safety management system OHSAS 1801. Thus, the whole GF family is on its way to a zero risk culture.

Zero Risk Youngsters program

Work safety is very important for us. This is why Zero Risk already starts with the apprenticeship - the Zero Risk youngsters. Within a full project week, the youngsters learn all about work safety through theoretical courses and group work. The project week is rounded off by the practical part, which lasts several days, in order to apply the knowledge acquired. The program started in December 2018 in Herzogenburg (AT) and was initiated and organized in close cooperation with the Sustainability Department.

"With Zero Risk Youngsters, we want to further increase the appreciation and sustainability of the idea of safety not only among apprentices." Lukas Dopler, Head of Apprenticeship Training Herzogenburg

Have a look at the highlights of the first project week of the Zero Risk Youngsters

The first project week of the "Zero Risk Youngsters" from Herzogenburg (AT) with 22 apprentices of the GF Casting Solutions Services GmbH, workshops and group work regarding safety at work; special event for all participants: driving & safety training and go-carting.

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