Work safety

Our vision: We want every employee to come home safely every day!

Our Zero Risk work safety initiative

The Zero Risk campaign is an integrated aspect to GF's Sustainability Framework 2025 objective of reducing the accident rates by 30%.

"Zero risk” is the key message of the safety campaign which has been initiated and launched by GF Casting Solutions in October 2015 to encourage all employees to be more aware in the workplace. Especially in production, the campaign aims to raise awareness of potential risks and their consequences. Additionally, the Zero Risk campaign also promotes a sense of personal responsibility among employees with the goal of reducing the number of accidents in the workplace.

Carlos Vasto Zero Risk Pic 1 Carlos Vasto Zero Risk Pic 1

"The most important thing about our Strategy is to grow, but to grow safely with zero accidents and zero fatalities, as the most important asset is the employee and their wellbeing."

Carlos Vasto, President of GF Casting Solutions 

The Zero Risk campaign focuses on three core aspects:

Global training, tools, and materials

To give all employees the opportunity to learn more about health and safety, the Zero-Risk campaign comprises of tools and resources to better enable employees to engage and communicate at all levels within the organization.  

  • Near-Miss and Observation Reporting Tool​
  • “Safety-First Moment”, where employees communicate on a daily basis about health & safety topics​
  • Global Health and Safety best-practice sharing as well as cross-departmental exchanges

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Sustainability targets and report

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