Innovation center for 3D-printed sand cores

Since June 2018, our iron casting plant in Leipzig (DE) has had its own innovation center with a team working on additive manufacturing and its application for sand cores used in iron casting.

Speeding-up your sandcasting process

With the serial production of 3D-printed sand cores for sandcasting processes, we are your reliable partner providing know-how and state-of-the-art technology in the heart of Europe.

The innovation center for additive manufacturing was opened at our iron casting location in Leipzig (Germany) in 2018. Our customers not only save time and money on prototypes and spare parts, but also benefit from optimized production processes and virtually unlimited freedom of design.

Your reliable partner for prototyping

By using additive manufactured prototypes, you get the geometries of early design stages which are produced already close to serial conditions. This way we can test, and improve before the actual serial production starts. 

Nature is our role model

With extremely thin-walled structures, plants and animals adapt to their environments. 3D-printing - compared to traditional core making methods - enables us to develop and create more complex and delicate structures for innovative casting solutions.

Technology is our passion

New processes and geometries are interesting not only for new products, but also completely new areas of application. We create designs for casting solutions with many years of experience in the foundry environment and are your partner from the first idea to serial production!

Nature is our role model

Large insect colonies are masters in cooperation. And together, they create shapes and constructions that seem almost impossible. With 3D-printed sand cores, we revolutionize the casting industry by realizing extremely complex shapes for molds and cores.

Unconventional design needs unconventional technology

The highly complex design of 3D-printed sand cores is crucial for the complex design of a cast solution. It offers completely new design possibilities for hydraulic applications as well as truck, machine and engine parts. 

In 2018, GF Casting Solutions agreed on a long-term development partnership with ExOne to benefit quickly from the future development of the technology and to bilaterally improve the production processes.

Your advantages

The 3D printing process works in the same way as an inkjet printer. Instead of spraying ink onto paper, though, the print head sprays a liquid binder onto a layer of sand – according to a precisely predefined geometry. The binder is then sprayed onto the next layer and so forth. This continues layer by layer until the desired sand model is completely built up. In this way, a model digitally designed on a computer gives rise to a three-dimensional solid object. For the actual iron casting, the cores are then placed in fireproof molds. 

Production cost reduction

By using prototypes to test your product beforehand, you can eliminate potential flaws already in the design phase which, in the end, will reduce the overall costs.

Shorten time-to-market

Using prototypes in the development phase will not only reduce costs, but the time-to-market, too. All the learnings from the prototype phase will save time and resources when you start with the serial production.

Close to serial conditions

Without the limitations of conventional core making technology, previous multiple-part components can be fused to one single part, increasing integrity and reducing weight and costs.

Consulting service

If you lack the experience with additive manufacturing for prototypes, our dedicated team of experts is happy to assist you either with creating your design or help you to further optimize it according to the 3D printing process. Please get in touch with us.


Together with our partners, we can offer a variety of alloys for the reliable and flexible production of prototypes under serial conditions. New geometries are not only beneficial for new products, but open up completely new areas of application. Get in touch with our experts to learn more!

Freedom of design

Additive technology allows us to create extremely complex geometries with no additional effort. Through design and engineering know-how and the use of latest technology, we create your product with exactly the design you need.

Cold-hardening phenol 3D printer

Build Box
1800 x 1000 x 700 mm
Build Box 1800 x 1000 x 700 mm
Material Cerabeads (Ceramic Sand)
Silica Sand
Layer  0.26 mm

Our capabilities

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Design development

We offer the consulting and development know-how including topology optimization and the design of parts with complex structures (single and assembled cores) for prototype and series production.

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3D printing

We manufacture sand cores in all possible geometrical forms – even for extremely large and complex sand cores and molds for prototyping and serial production.

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Post processes

Our finishing offer includes the cleaning process, the drying process in a furnace, water-based coating and packing.

Our markets

Engine technology

Latest generations of engines require the latest generation of casting technology. With complex component shapes, the highest levels of engine efficiency can be reached. Together with our customers, we strive for shorter development cycles and cleaner mobility.


Reducing fuel consumption is a key driver off the road. GF Casting Solutions' iron casting solutions with high functional integration help customers find the optimal design for special vehicles.

Commercial vehicles

Electrification and alternative drives or new logistics – we support our customers in the development and production of high-complex lightweight components to continuously reduce weight. With high functional integration, we offer the entire value chain to the ready-to-mount solution.


Complexity is continuously growing - also in hydraulic systems. Thanks to the design flexibility in the additive manufacturing process, hydraulic systems like rotary units in excavators have multiple channels integrated in just one casting. Let us improve functional integration for hydraulic systems!

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