Additive solutions for space

The new generation of rocket engines is a big step in space history. Additive technologies and their advantages are the key to more sustainable engines. Learn about solutions in the space industry.

We support you with long-standing experience from decades!​

With our 20 years legacy in production for rocket propulsion,  we are a reliable partner in the development of new engines. We offer serial production of large additive manufactured components such as combustion chambers, with extremely complex geometries in proven NADCAP quality levels.

GF Casting Solutions space demonstrator dimensions

Additive manufacturing with GF

GF Casting Solutions produces components for the space industry.

New challenges need revolutionizing ideas and new technologies 

We are ready to realize your 3D-printing challenge!

We offer the full additive manufacturing process as well as certified post processing in-house: including surface treatment, heat treatment and non-destructive testing. 

In the following, we describe our key features and technologies behind optimized space solutions like the 3D-printed GF combustion chamber.

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In-house development and validation expertise

High design freedom

High functional integration

Optimized part cooling

High freedom in surface geometry & design

Bionic design

Material properties

Additive manufacturing process steps

Post processes

Find the right technology for your project

Additive manufacturing or precision casting? 

The choice for the perfect technology depends on the specific project requirements and needs. GF brings long-standing experience with similar component families from the casting process which is now built upon when offering additive solutions: of course at the same high quality level.

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