Our Tests Can Save Lives

For use in vehicles, we cast high-quality safety components that behave predictably in unpredictable situations. On the road, lives often depend on these overlooked parts. We give them our full attention.

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Accredited Safety without Compromise

Our cast components actually offer the safety, quality, and function that our customers and we ourselves expect from them. We know this because we test them regularly in our accredited testing laboratory. We also guarantee the consistently high quality of our cast components during serial production, by means of production tests in the laboratory.

Faster Development Thanks to Validation

With state-of-the-art testing methods, we test individual materials, entire components, or required functions during development. Our engineers determine characteristics of materials, compare alternative materials, and evaluate processes. This saves us and our customers time-consuming development loops between prototype and serial production.

A Wide Range of Analysis Options in the Testing Laboratory

Our accredited testing laboratory offers a wide range of testing methods. Among other things, we can perform static and dynamic tests or analyze tensions, vibrations, and resonant frequencies. We can also produce material samples or prototypes in the testing laboratory. In addition to in-house components, we also validate external products.

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