The industry in transformation - Opportunities for young talents who want to focus on innovation and sustainability

27/01/2022 - 10:00 (Central European Time)

At the digital industry event "Euroguss Studio Edition" on January 18, 2022, one of the topics discussed was about young talents. GF Casting Solutions focuses on sustainability, innovation and values.

Innovative materials, manufacturing processes and lightweight design are becoming increasingly important due to both climate change and environmental policies. Particularly the younger generations are influenced by these debates and are therefore even more interested in sustainability and innovation in their careers. 

With growing scarcity of qualified specialists and strong competition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find young professionals for the foundry industry. In production, as well as in Research and Development: not all positions can be filled. Due to the ongoing climate debate, the automotive industry is still associated with pollution, emissions scandals, and dirty workplaces. Although this is no longer today's standard, jobs in the foundry industry are often considered to be a noisy, heated, and dirty work environment. Keywords such as innovation and sustainability are rarely associated with the industry.

With its new slogan "We empower sustainable mobility", GF Casting Solutions highlights how important the focus on sustainable mobility has become and will be in the future.

Not many young talents are aware of the important role the foundry industry plays for topics such as alternative drives, clean mobility and sustainability. The manufactured parts are mostly invisible to the end consumer. And yet behind many areas in life, innovative castings made from recyclable materials can be found. 

Such a cross car beam is not visible in the vehicle, but plays a crucial role in minimizing weight and thus the environmental impact of the automotive industry. 

In addition, today's foundries are mostly clean and surrounded by many kinds of computer systems, technology and automation. Smart solutions for process optimization and traceability are the order of the day. Complementing this, the application of artificial intelligence is gradually taking place. The industry is in a constant state of change and is increasingly aligning its portfolio with sustainable mobility solutions.

At the Euroguss Studio Edition on January 18, 2022, the importance of this year's Talent Award was emphasized. At the Euroguss in June, the Award will again focus on the topic of young talents in the foundry industry. According to Frank Gensty, Chief Technology Officer at GF Casting Solutions, the industry offers very diverse opportunities and great development possibilities: "With our contribution to the Talent Award, we give students the opportunity to see the range, as well as the advantages in die casting, and at the same time generate enthusiasm for this future technology," he stated within the virtual panel discussion on January 18, 2022. 

The foundry industry will attract the right talents from generations Y and Z if it succeeds in becoming more attractive and making its contribution more visible. 

From June 08-10, 2022, GF Casting Solutions will be exhibiting at Euroguss in Nuremberg (booth 120, in hall 7A). Interested students and young professionals are kindly invited to visit GF Casting Solutions at the fair. Colleagues from various departments as well as the HR department will be present at the fair and are looking forward to getting to know each other!