Partnership is key to address the challenges of the future

GF Casting Solutions has a global setup, long-standing manufacturing expertise and development know-how - and a team to rely on. Close collaboration is crucial in all industries to master major transformation and complex challenges like the setup of more eco-friendly processes and reduction of CO2 footprints. We empower sustainble mobility - together with our customers and partners.

Discover our customer success stories!

Renault and GF - lightweight solution for lower CO2 emissions

The future of mobility is electric and largely CO2-free. French car manufacturer Renault has therefore set the target of achieving a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions-in-use in its vehicle fleet by 2030 in Europe. GF Casting Solutions is supporting the efforts of this important customer with a new light metal battery housing for two hybrid vehicle models.

Volvo and GF - Building on a sustainable partnership

In recent years, the global rise of electric cars has led to an increasing demand for lightweight solutions. As a pioneer in the field, GF Casting Solutions is supporting Volvo Cars with its broad development know-how to combine multiple parts into one, decreasing the carmaker’s costs as well as reducing its carbon footprint.

Aiways and GF - Taking the fast lane

Electric car manufacturers in China need suppliers with strong Research & Development capabilities and great operational efficiency. GF Casting Solutions has both. Through its successful partnership with emerging carmaker Aiways, the division demonstrated that a global company can be a great partner for a startup in the Chinese market.