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Benedikt Stark, Development Engineer


Benedikt has been working at GF since March 2021. He decided to write his master's thesis in the Research and Development team because of the interesting topics and the close connection to the location. He now works as a Development Engineer and tells us how great his team is and how diverse his tasks are. 

GF Casting Solutions R&D

How do you feel about the support you received at GF?

The support was very good despite the pandemic situation during the beginning of my career at GF. However, I could turn to my supervisor or another colleague at any time. I would say that the change from a master's student to Development Engineer was very smooth.


« My favourite moment at GF was my first visit to our production plant in Altenmarkt. There I was finally able to see and understand the large machines and the entire die-casting process in reality. »

What have you learned so far at GF?

I've learned how important it is for me to work well together in a team. Of course, I have also acquired a lot of die casting-specific knowledge. I've also gotten to know a lot of new programs and methods.

How have you perceived the culture at GF so far?

The company culture is very open and friendly. Everyone is very well received and I quickly felt like I belong.

How does your typical day at work look like?

I help customers to make their products more feasible to manufacture through geometric changes that make sense from a casting technology point of view. In addition, I also add lightweight design (topology optimization) taking into account the optimized process design, and carry out process simulations (filling and solidification simulations) as well as strength calculations (FEM simulation) for components or tools.

Benedikt Stark

What tips would you give to someone who is new to GF?

Just approach everyone with an open mind and curiosity. Everyone will try to answer your questions as best they can.

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