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Martin Splith, Customer Quality Engineer & Team Lead Component Testing in Leipzig

Martin joined GF Casting Solutions in Leipzig in 2007. Starting with an apprenticeship program as a foundry mechanic and a subsequent occupation as a foundryman/plant operator, he has been working as a customer quality engineer since 2013 with an additional qualification as an industrial foreman specializing in foundry work. Since 2021, he is also the Team Lead in Component Testing. In this short interview, he tells us how multifaceted his day-to-day work is.

«My tip to all new employees: Be interested and ask questions, that never hurts.»

What do you like to do outside of work? What are your hobbies?

Besides iron casting, my hobbies are soccer and Thai boxing.


How have you perceived the culture at GF so far?

The culture at GF in Leipzig has been very good since I started in 2007 and the well-being of every employee is a high priority.


How would you sum up GF in one sentence?

For me, GF is a customer-oriented company and an attractive employer, both financially and socially.

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