Multi material mix

Achieving maximal lightweight design with compound casting.

In the chassis of electric vehicles in particular, compound casting contributes to maximal light weight design. The weight reduction is significant as light metals are combined with even lighter carbon. In our base study we have focused on the subframe originally weighing 10 kg in year 2012. Our goal is to reduce weight by 50% by applying compound casting on components of all different types and sizes.

Our secret: finding and combining the right materials for the right place. At GF Casting Solutions, we unite multi-material mix and high-pressure die-casting, which grants us freedom for the design and allows us to integrate additional functions into the component.

Especially in serial production, the technology offers advantages because subsequent processes can be reduced. The production of compound casting components includes far more than the casting process alone. With every product we have to deal with new material requirements – with material mix, it will be easier to start a modular design of the products. With the new compound casting approach, we combine the advantages of casted components with the advantages of other materials.

The subframe project shows how an idea takes shape

In the front of the subframe we rely on aluminum profiles to meet the high crash performance requirements. At the junction, where the axes are connected, a high rigidity (a very good relation of weight and rigidity) is required. Therefore, carbon (CFC) profiles are integrated at this spot. Only the newly developed process which is adapted on the casting process and takes the different physical characteristics of the materials into account makes this possible.

The multi-material mix approach can be transferred to even more components – namely in every vehicle area, where crashworthy components can be combined with other (lighter) materials. Besides carbon with its high rigidity and low weight, it is also imaginable to experiment with other materials.

Please contact us and share your visions with us. Together with our customers we want to develop and realize many new ideas – continuously and for your lighter future.

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